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Social Media held its annual CONNECT conference in November 2014 focused on digital marketing and keynote speaker Arnt Eriksen highlighted that client journeys are not only about a path to purchase but about building relationships and taking clients on a journey…. 

 Powerful storytelling is a skill that is finding new ground and level of importance in this new world of social. 

Arnt Eriksen, Founder & Curator at Rethink Marketing – led a session titled Find to like to love
Customer journeys are not only about a path to purchase, they are about building relationships and taking your customer from Find to Like to Love. Customers are not passive rows in a database they are active brands themselves, they tell stories and use social to connect in powerful ways. Join Chief Innovation Officer Artn Eriksen to learn how to use story telling to go beyond me-too content marketing and make an emotional connection with the BrandYou.

Steve Rubel from Edlman shares the importance of “storytelling” in the age of Social. He highlights findings from research that shows the increased pressure felt by writers to attract and influence. The client journey starts way earlier than it did 10+ years ago.   

Harvard Business Review published an article by Ron Ashkenas – Jan 22 2010 on the process of defining your own personal brand…….. one of the key take aways is that the process is not easy and need time to evolve…….. It also requires deliberate thinking and crafting to find the true point of difference. Once defined it takes courage and confidence to declare and align to the brand! Good read for the beginning of 2015…….. 

Michael Hackmer from Social Web Tactics highlights 15 ways to get your MOJO back….. great things to think about as we all start a new year!

Jeff Bullas is a prolific on TWITTER about 10 tweets a day……….. check him out. He wrote this article on 20 Ideas for Content that People Love to Share on Social Media – if I am going to link my comments to this article I guess I had better follow his principles! LOL…… have a read and think!

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