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Tweet , Blog & Pray - Part One

Carinne Bird

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For most of my career I have invested 100% of myself into my work without complaint and in return travelled the world, impacted the lives of others and earned great money. By choice, I decided to leave my job to explore something new…… the next chapter! I discovered the hard way that my identify was not that of myself, the unique me, the things I want to be known for, but rather that of the prestigious logo embedded on my business card…… it was invisibly embedded on my forehead too! And, I was the engraver, willingly!   
Today companies must be disruptive in their go to market strategy to excel. Individuals must do the same and solidify their unique point of difference. Gone are the days of 30 years loyalty…. Companies can no longer afford it and individuals are hungry for more individuality. There has never been a more important time than NOW to establish your personal branding to demand respect and top dollar for what you bring to the market place. Below are three thoughts to get you started -
  1. Differentiation Test - Swap the name – What is your unique point of difference? What do you want to be famous for? A little cliché I know but you need to make your unique value proposition crystal clear. For years marketers and advertising agencies have worked tirelessly to achieve this with products. Today individuals must do the same. A great test is to write ONE SENTENCE that includes your name and your unique value proposition. Swap your name for ANY other person similar to you and see if the sentence continues to ring true, if so, then you haven’t nailed it!! Your value proposition must be unique.  
  2. Truly Authentic – having defined clearly your unique value proposition you need to assess if it authentically represents you. Does the value proposition resonate with your heart and soul or is it something that you have contrived in order to “make it”. If it lacks authenticity it will not resonate with your audience and it will not last.  
  3. Walk the Walk - once you have determined your authentic, unique value proposition you must bring it into reality every day to build integrity around your brand. In other words you must walk the walk, demonstrate who you are and bring credibility to your claim to fame.  

Carinne Bird has gone from Tango to Technology, was an Australian Latin dancer who successfully transitioned her life to that of corporate marketing director in the IT industry for a global brand providing leadership across the globe’s emerging markets. Carinne has a strong history in dance and a more extensive background in business development, digital, social & mobile strategies, communication and broad marketing expertise. Is an avid blogger and available for speaking engagements. 

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